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Hello Eric,

Our water maker is a Dessalator and it is a 220 volt version.

Peregrinus is hull number 350, launched very late in 2001, possibly November.

We are not clear on the desalinator's model number, but based on a manual provided in one of the accessories binders, we speculate it might be a D140 / 2.5 kW / 220.  Our Amel factory manual itself has pictures of a 50 l/hr unit, but it is very clear that that's not the one installed on Peregrinus.

Having said that, the production sight gauge tops at 160 liters, and Bill made a reference to a Dessalator 160, so who knows?

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Do you have a desalinator brand watermaker- is it the 220 version?

What is your hull number is it a Kimberlite SM 376?

Fair Winds


Kimberlite SM 376



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Thank you Vito and Bill.


We postponed our departure by one day to get the oil and missed half our sailing window!  For anyone else who may have a watermaker with a CAT high pressure pump, what you need is:


CAT Pumps Crankcase Oil ISO 68, petroleum based, hydraulic oil.

21 oz. (0.62 liter) $12.95 at Watermakers Inc. of Ft. Lauderdale

Funnily enough, the Amel manual on board wants 0.75 liter oil changes on this pump!


Or, per e-mail received from the CAT factory yesterday:

  "We do have our own Cat oil that can be found at Northern Tool and Home Depot.

But if not available to you.

It is a non detergent 30W Hydraulic oil, or a ISO 68"


And then we desalinated over 300 liters today.  This thing is fast.


sv Peregrinus

At anchor, Lake Worth, La Florida.



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