Re: Rocna Anchor fit


Hi All.
Some thoughts about New Generation Anchors.
Many people have given good reports about the Rocna anchors.  That being said...we chose to go with a 60 Lb. Manson Supreme (for our Sharki). Manson anchors are made in New Zealand using a higher grade of steel than the Rocna anchors. The Manson Supreme has a Lloyd's of London "Super High Holding" certificate. We use a Fortress anchor for our second anchor, kedge, stern etc. I would not be against having a Mantus Anchor as a spare primary anchor that can be stored disassembled and flat.  Please consider using high quality galvanized anchor shackles from Crosby (or similar). I see too many boats with high quality anchors attached to high quality chains using cheap Chinese or "no name" anchor shackles.  The small cost savings is not worth the loss of your Amel.  If you feel that you must use an anchor swivel, do not attach it directly to your anchor. Use a small length of chain between the anchor and swivel (attached with Crosby shackles) to prevent the swivel from being side loaded if the wind or current shifts. Also, I suggest NO stainless steel ground tackle.  I'm probably preaching to the choir...You are the captain of your vessel...YMMV.
Mark Hanna

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