Re: [Amel Yacht Owners] full-cover



I have received some instructions on how to post photos. I'll try in the next
few days and let you know.

The full cover zips onto the back of the folding dodger and extends aft to
two stainless rods that attach to an eye under the mizzen boom and extend out to
the top shroud. You should see a stainless sleeve on the shroud at about the
height of the mizzen boom where the rod sits. Then the cover extends downward,
sloping aft to a stainless rod that is placed under the aft deck rails. It is
easy to install, very secure (held up in over 60 knots of wind) and you could
sail with it up if necessary.

Regarding the SSB, I have a Furuno FS-1562-15 that was installed by AMEL. It
works very well, but if I did it again I might consider an ICOM. The whip
antenna, also installed by AMEL, is at the starboard aft corner of the deck,
immediately over the antenna tuner which is mounted in the lazarette locker. The
antenna is mounted on a deck fitting and held by a bracket outside the aft rail.
This allows it to be lowered if necessary.


Barcelona, SPAIN

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