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Danny and Yvonne SIMMS

Hi, yes did that but so long ago can't remember the detail. I would try getting a piece of thin but stiff plain wire and push that though and use that to pull the new cable in.
It would need to be thin and flexible enough to follow the curves but stiff enough to push through. Stainless wire fishing trace (solid not braid) has the right properties. Just put a fold over on the end so it doesn't catch as you push it through.
 When threading electric cable through long and difficult places I use a product called "cable lube". Incredible how much easier it makes pulling wire through tight places.
SM 299 Ocean Pearl

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Just had failure of the nav lights on the pulpit. A quick check with multimeter shows voltage drop between anchor locker and lights failure in the wire. Rewiring the port Nav light relatively easy as wire goes straight up the pulpit leg from the locker. The starboard light not so easy. The wire runs up the port pulpit leg, all the way round the front of the forestay at the top level inside the pulpit and then down to the stdb light. When trying to pull this through...unsurprisingly the wire snapped. Short term solution, has been to run wire under deck to stdb sail locker, deck gland and external run up stdb pulpit leg to light. 

Has any one manged to rewire these lights as per the Amel original set up without removing the the pulpit completely?

Graham Boyd
SM 140
Hong Kong

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