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ianjenkins1946 <>

Thanks, John. Interesting about the vinyl covers on the windows. Trust the hip is now behaving and that your usual sailing activityis resumed.Cheers, Ian

From: "John and Anne on Bali Hai" <>
Subject: [Amel Yacht Owners] Bimini and full cover
Date: Mon, 07 Nov 2005 16:01:03 -0000

Hello Ian and Judy,
I did not have the full cover. When I got the boat I had Amel put two
windows in the bimini, both about 50 cms wide, in the front and middle
panels over the helmsmans seat so that I could see the telltales that
I had fixed to the luff of the genoa ( the lowest ones being low
enough down the luff to be visible through the vinyl windows) together
with telltales sewn on to the leach of the main and camber stripes on
both sails so that I can check halyard tension by looking up through
the windows. We also made some suncovers which were secured to the
clips for the bimini cover and elastics with hooks on them to hold the
covers to the back rail of the bimini. these covers we used to stop
the helmsman being roasted in the midday sun. They were made out of
that cheap plastic mesh used to screen plants etc. from wind and sun.
It worked very well except that we did not keep the windows covered
99% of the time so that after three years the vinyl became opaque
though U.V.
I had these windows replaced in 2004 in Croatia by an upholsterer who
was grossly incompetent and made a terrible job of it. By this time
the bimini still worked very well but was suffering from staining from
the Sahara dust which comes up from Libya on southerlies so I ordered
the new set from Amel.
We have hardly used the boat this year as I had a hip replacement in
June after fracturing the top of the femur in early May and so the old
bimini is still in use.
On reading your message I have been to the boat and opened the box to
look at the new one. The box contains new sidescreens and bimini cover
and of course the bimini. I had specified windows as before but
unfortunately they have put the two windows one either side of the
centre line which means I will have to have the front window inserted
by a local sailmaker so that it is easy to see the genny telltales
without having to lean right forward to look through the windscreen.
Although I have not fitted it I have no doubt that it will be a
perfect fit.
It is better than the last one as the short seams above the front bar
is now welded or glued istead of being sewn and so will not be a leaky
dirt trap. A big bonus to the windows is that they are covered by
white vinyl which is secured at the front and sides with velcro and
thus can be rolled back and held in place with velcro strips.
It seems that there is more wind in South America than Malta !!

Regards, John

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