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Good idea Mark. Temperature tells us much in system's operation on our boats. 

For instance, I noticed a slight rise in engine room temperature when running the Onan one day. It seemed hotter to me than usual. With a quick check of the impeller, I found 3 blades gone. If I noticed the increase without a thermometer, then verified it with my laser thermometer...I am sure I would have noticed sooner with a alarm and/or an external digital thermometer. The question is where to mount?

And great advice on the SSB. You should add photos and specs to the Amel Owners Group website in this album:

Derick, I did not answer your question because Mark did and he had a much better answer than me.

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Bases on some of the discussions regarding thermometers in the batteries etc. I am thinking about adding a temperature sensor to the engine room. I am wondering if I can get one that has a humidity alarm as well as temperature alarm. My thought is if a hose ruptures, the hot steam/moisture would set off the alarm. Just thinking out loud. Not sure if they make anything like that.


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