Maintenance, a couple of experiences

ianjenkins1946 <>

Our SM is 5 and a half years old and has sailed about 25,000 miles and been lived aboard on and off for about 3 years. Today I checked the brushes on the motors on the genoa, Lofrans, boom and mast. Removing the covers was straightforward, though the boom and mast motor covers took a bit of pulling to break the silicone seal. There was no evidence of water ingress. The motors all looked as though they had been fitted yesterday.There was virtually no wear on any of the brushes ( about 2 millimeters on the genoa.)
The only brushes I have replaced so far have been on the freshwater pump.
On the Lofrans Olivier Beaute had advised me to remove the inner cone to check the key.( I have always greased the outer cone but not removed the inner cone before ). When I came to check it the key way on the inner cone had a small fracture which had prompted the key to twist in its slot, thankfully without damage to the shaft. It just made it very difficult to get the inner cone off.Lofrans have an excellent web site where you can download an exploded plan of the Tigres and a parts list ; thankfully the boat is still ashore , as the prospect of sailing without an anchor winch is not an appealing one.
Fair winds, Ian and Judy Jenkins, Pen Azen

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