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John & Ruth,

Judy and I have never met you, but we feel as though we know you well. Most of us in this group share the values that you have so very well reflected in your cruising lifestyle. 

We will certainly miss you, if you choose to no longer be part of the Amel Owners Group, and urge you to stay with us. Your contributions have been very much appreciated by me and I am sure, all of us.

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Hi John and Ruth,

It has been a pleasure communicating with you over the years.

Roberto Labrador also wishes you the best for your future.

Fair Winds


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Hi John and Ruth,

we met you in St Vincent in 2010 as we cruised down the Caribbean on the way to Panama. Great to have been associated with you since then through the forum. We wish you all the best into the future, wherever that leads you. 

Kind regards

Danny and Yvonne

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Forty years ago this April, while cruising in the Bahamas on my 38' sloop, I met my wife Ruth.  Since then we have sailed about 80,000 miles, circumnavigating the world in the sloop and then circumnavigating South America in the Super Maramu "Moon Dog" we have owned the past 12 years.

In May I turned 81, and it is time to slow down the cruising and to go after the rest of the things on my "bucket list."
"Moon Dog" was a fantastic boat for us, providing us many, many miles of great cruising.  It was with tremendous reluctance that we decided to part with her, but she is j ust not the right boat for what we will be doing in the future.  


Still named "Moon Dog," she is now owned by Robert (Bob) and Marybeth Gray and now lies at the Erie Yacht Club in Erie, PA.   

Thanks very much to everyone in this owners' group for all the advice, support and friendship through the years. It has been great - I really enjoyed and appreciated it all.


Best wishes to all of you,


John Martin



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