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To my understanding, you are correct. You can learn the details from:

Cris John Wenthur, LL.M.
Wenthur & Chachas LLP
4180 La Jolla Village Dr., Suite 500
La Jolla, California 92037
(858) 457-3800 - Tel
(858) 457-3691 - Fax
(619) 276-4506 Home Fax & Emergency Tel

Cris can email you a PDF overview of the sales tax law for CA.

Cris is a maritime attorney I was referred to by a yacht broker here
in San Diego.

The short version is you can take delivery offshore. There are
resulting limits on how many hours you can use the boat in CA waters
during the first year for purposes other than initial
repair/refitting/commissioning. It's a big issue out here because they
recently changed the time the boat needed to be out of the state to
pay no sales tax from 90 days to one year.

It is my understanding that in order to keep the boat there, many
states will require you to pay their local sales tax or the difference
between the local sales tax and the sales tax you paid at the time of
the purchase of the boat.

Sales tax rates for boats vary widely by state. I have been told that
NC has a maximum of $1,500 sales tax on boats.

In addition, some states, including CA, charge you property tax on the
boat if it is kept there.

I think it is a good idea to work with a local CA maritime attorney if
you are going to do an offshore delivery here to ensure you are doing
things properly.

I am not an attorney, so please do not consider any of this
information authoritative or definitive.

be well,

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I am a non California resident who is seeking to purchase an Amel
which is based in California. I have been advised that if I purchase
and take possession of the vessel outside of 3miles, and that my
intentional use is to take the vessel out of the state of
then I would be eligible for sales tax exemption. Does anyone have
any first hand knowledge of this or better yet can anyone refer me
a California Maritime or Sales Tax Attorney. Thank you Peter Pappas

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