Re: [Amel Yacht Owners] New Dolphin Battery charger?


Some years ago Zantrex bought out Heart. To the best of my knowledge Heart made a very good product. 
Our boat came with a Zantrex copy of a Heart battery charger. It failed shortly after buying the boat. After calling Zantrex tech support they suggested we buy a new charger rather than trying to fix that one. We replaced it with a new Zantrex Tru-Charge 2, 40Amp model. In less than a year it failed.  Zantrex supplied a replacement under warranty through West Marine. A little over a year latter it too failed...not under warranty. Tech support said that the charger was not serviceable and that I should buy a 4th Zantrex charger. At this point I started researching marine battery chargers.  Victron gets good reviews from people who know their stuff, so does Master Volt. I suspect Blue Sea also makes a good charger...but they are new to the battery charger market. I would personally let their design mature at least to its 2nd generation before installing one on my boat. That said, I like Blue Sea products. I am sure that there are other good marine battery chargers out there.  BTW we have an older 1800W Zantrex inverter on our boat that works fine. YMMV.
Mark Hanna
S/V Marguerite 

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