Maintenance and brushing up

John and Anne on Bali Hai <hollamby@...>

Hello Ian and Judy,
Thanks for the info. We did serious damage to our anchor winch last
year as I had failed to grease the cones and as it is our practice
to drop the anchor quickly sometimes by releasing it and then
stopping it with the clutch the dry cones grabbed and stopped the
chainto a full stop whilst it was running out at speed thus severely
damaging the keys and one of the cones.
the autopilot motor is probably the hardest working one on the boat
and on our last boat it failed after about 40,000 miles (I think).
The cause was that brush wear had filled the motor casing with
carbon dust.It took some time to get new brushes sent to Fiji.
We also had problems with the drive unit after about 15,000 miles as
the drive gears on the epicyclic clutch were made of some plastic or
nylon which wore out. A replacement set cost £12.50 but brass ones
were priced at £125. Autohelm(now Raytheon) assured me (circa 1995)
that brass was only necessary for boats over 65feet long! I bought
three sets of plastic as spares and was very popular with a couple
of owners in the South Pacific when I sold them on. Olivier has
assured me that Amel use the brass ones but whether this was always
the case I do not know.

All the best, John

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