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I am guessing it is not the turbo. But, the good news is the turbocharger is very easy to diagnose.


1)      With the engine OFF. Remove the air intake for the turbo and reach into the turbocharger with something soft (so not to damage the blades). You should be able to easily turn the rotor. It should take no effort to turn. If it doesn’t turn. This is the problem. Be very careful not to force it or damage the blades of the rotor. This will ruin the turbocharger. I would recommend a paper or plastic straw. Once in a while, if an engine hasn’t been used, rotating the blades is enough to fix it. They can cease up. If the rotor turns, go to the next step.

2)      With the engine running, check the turbo under load. As you increase power, you should be able to hear it spin with a listening rod or stethoscope (wal-mart - $10). It will make a high pitch whirling sound. You can listen for the change in pitch as load is applied. If you use a listening rod or screwdriver, be very careful with your head that close to a running engine (this is why I prefer the stethoscope). If you hear it whine under any load (low or high), it is not a turbo issue.


I agree with other posts, once you have determined the turbocharger is spinning, look toward the prop for a resolution.


Good luck.


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Hello to all, please forgive me if this topic has been addressed previously, My engine is new (only 60 hours) and the turbo won´t kick in at 2100 RPM as it should an all I get is black smoke and bad combustion.

My turbo won´t start after reaching 2000 RPM.

Any idea on how to get it to start?

Alex Paquin


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