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Hi Graham,   I had the same problem and have rewired both lights. I didn't bother to lead the starboard wire as Amel had done but I did take it up the inside of the stainless tube. To do this ( on both sides ) you need a large screwdriver with a 15mm by 2mm blade. Anything smaller risks blurring the slot on the bolt head. First tap the bolt heads sharply then have one person hold the screwdriver firmly in place whist a second person put an adjustable spanner ( wrench ) on the blade of the screwdriver to get maximum twist. Once the foot is detached from the fibreglass you can move it easily the couple of inches needed to get access to the inside of the stainless tube. On the starboard side you will need to drill a new hole immediately under the stainless.
When reassembled you can put sealant to seal the hole through which your new wire is threaded.
Good luck
Ian and Judy, Pen Azen, SM 302, Corfu

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Thanks for the replies, but my problem just now is getting the old wire out? it is completely jammed!


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