Re: [Amel Yacht Owners] 4JH4-HTE TURBO MALFUNCTION

Alejandro Paquin

Hello to all and thanks for the feedback. I´ll try Mark´s suggestion. Once I do this I´ll get back with the findings. 
Our turbo by the way was working and had the characteristic whistle sound when kicking in under load at about 2000 rpm.  So it may be just stuck. Hopefully. Is there anything to lubricate in the turbo?
The prop is the Amel original three fixed blade prop and two independent calculations showed it was adequate with the new engine/transmission, including the Yanmar people who tested the engine and certified the installation.
Alex Paquin

PD: Eric, I sent an email directly to you concerning the engine mounts I used for this engine. It may be in your grey mail.

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