Nirvana furling gear

Steve Leeds

Hi Ken,
Joel Potter suggested I get in touch with you as I am in the process of rebuilding my Nirvana furling gear on my 1985 Sharki, which Joel tells me is identical to the Maramu gear, and I understand you rebuilt yours several years ago.

The biggest issue I have had so far is locating replacement "combination needle bearings, thrust bearings" in the sizes necessary for the main and mizzen sail swivel (and just to be absolutely clear, by swivel, I mean the car that carries the head of the sail and is tensioned by the main and mizzen halyard).  The size used is not a standard available size in the US.  

Were you able to locate these bearings anywhere, or did you modify the swivel housing to accept available bearings?

I have previously rebuilt everything else with the mast up either here, Grenada, W.I. or in New Zealand.  I was able to purchase the other bearings and seals at the time (between 1990 and 2000).  Hopefully I will still be able to find these other items as needed here in Fort Lauderdale.

I would appreciate any information you can provide.

Steve Leeds
Sharki #121
Fort Lauderdale, Florida

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