Improvement to rubrail decorative stripe


If you have owned your Super Maramu for more than
6 months, you have noticed that the silver
metallized stripe on the brown rubrail tends to deteriorate
rather quickly. Since we care about the looks of our
boat, I did a little research, by contacting the
manufacturer of these decorative stripes. They said the
metallized stripes are not intended for outdoor use! They
recommended a vinyl stripe, which is available in silver or
gold metallic color from West Marine.<br>We used an
"ultra-metallic gold", West Catalog No. 225385, 1-inch wide. The
50-ft. roll is just right for one side. It is not as
shiny as the original metallized tape, but after 3
years, looks just as good as on day one. You have to
remove the original tape completely, and that is a hard
job. It took me a full day and lots of acetone. But
the result is worth it, and we get lots of
compliments and inquiries from other Amel owners.

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