1990 Santorin and B&G Hydra 330

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Not sure about the Hydra 330 FFD; definitely can be done from a Hydra 2000.
Have you read message #155 for the technical info provided by B&G tech
support regarding how to get the NMEA signal out of a Hydra FFD? That
question related to connecting B&G Hydra-GPS-Autopilot.

Partial clip from message #155:
"B & G technical support: DO NOT ATTEMPT
TO USE THE NMEA INPUT OUTPUT terminals on the Hydra
processor (i.e. the B & G computer) Instead the NMEA
connections must be made through a NMEA FFD on HYDRA

B & G tech support states: The solution will be to
locate your NMEA FFD, and connect the wires from your
Raytheon as follows:

Raytheon NMEA Output (+) Brown
NMEA Output (-) Blue
NMEA FFD NMEA Input (+) Violet
NMEA Input (-) Black

The wire shield is grounded by connecting to the other
grounds at the hydra processor. The above wires
are from the cable coming from the Hydra 2000
display. You will find that they are capped. Just pigtail
them together as indicated."

I don't have the pin schematic on hand for the serial connections; left that
info on the boat. We did these connections from our Hydra 2000 to Maxsea on
laptop. Works great. Don't know if it will work for an older model like
the 330; but since it is labeled as FFD, it might.



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Does any one know if it s possible to get an NMEA signal out of an
Hydra 330 FFD or its calculator, both dating back to 1989-90. Thanks

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