B&G Hydra 2 echo sounder transducer

Graham Boyd

The echo sounder on Sula has not been working of late. I suspected the transducer which has just been confirmed by a B&G technician.  Unfortunately he also tells me that the transducer type in Sula which is of 1994/5 vintage is no longer available and to fit a replacement will require the boat to be lifted so that the slightly different sized through hull for the new transducer can be fitted. 

I can't believe that there isn't a new (old type transducer part number 401-00-011 ?) some where in the world, to prevent a very costly replacement exercise. Has any one else had this problem with their 94/95 vintage B&G Hydra 2 echo sounder transducer?

I look forward to any suggestions of potential suppliers!


SM 140 Sula

Hong Kong

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