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Robin Cooter <robincooter@...>

The Santorin is 13.94 meters, apx 46'. Beam 3.93m It
was the successor to the Maramu which, I believe, was
also apx. 46'.

Robin Cooter
Belouga, Santorin 004.

--- Judy Rouse <> wrote:

The Maramu was 48-ft and was based on the previous
48-ft model called

The Super Maramu model was originally described as
52-ft and was based on
the previous 52-ft model called Mango. Then there was
the Super Maramu 2000
(also called Millenium model or SM2) which is 53-ft.

The boat should have either Maramu or Super Maramu
actually identified on
the boat. Every Amel that I have seen has been has
this written
identification somewhere on it. Find the plate
showing the hull number. It
should also identify the model name. In the interior
of our boat, there is
a metal plate reading "Chantiers Amel, La Rochelle,
387." Also, on the outside of the hull near the stern
just below the toe
rail, our boat is clearly identified as a Super Maramu

Don't know if that helps you any.

You could contact Joel Potter; he would know. His
email is



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Subject: [Amel Yacht Owners] model identification

I'm a broker with a IVAN damaged 48' Amel listed in
Grenada. There is
confusion as to what model this is. Seller insists it
is a
supermaramu. Others believe the 53' is the only
Supermaramu. I'm here
for enlightnment.
Thanks in advance.
Project Boat Company, LLC

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