Re: [Amel Yacht Owners] Re: 4JH4-HTE TURBO MALFUNCTION

Mark Erdos


I tried to find the email from the rebuild kit we purchased. Unfortunately, it seems to be long gone. 

The turbo is made by IHI. There are only a few turbo manufacturers in the world. This is not a Yanmar constructed unit. On the side of the turbo, there is a model number. you will need to remove the air filter to see it. Once located you can search for the "IHI xxxxxx Rebuild Kit" and you will have plenty of options where to buy.

Obviously Yanmar will supply a completed unit that will give you plug and play - very expensive! Perhaps an option is to replace with the plug and play from Yanmar and they take your old unit and rebuild it with a kit for a spare.

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Mark, thanks again I'll have a look at this and decide which way to go.

All the best!

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