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I second Bill and Alexandre:  De Lassee

You can talk either with Francoise Godineau or Geoffroy de Lassee.


s/y Atica - Amel 54

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Hello Gents,

Given both of you think they are good, I will send Françoise an email.

NOTE:  This forum was instrumental in my choice of an Amel over a HR or Oyster.  I hope to start giving "return of experience" on my own findings soon.

Thank you both.

Jean-Pierre Germain

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BeBe is insured with Helvetia written by Assurances deLassee in France. 

They have a program especially for Amel. Email Françoise GODINEAU>. Tell her that you want a policy like BeBe.


CW Bill Rouse
BeBe 387

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Good morning Jean-Pierre,

Many Amel owner use the same French insurance

They have a program especially for Amel.

I talked directly to Mr Geoffroy de Lasse.

Sincerely, Alexandre

Atlantis Marina, Paradise Island, The Bahamas

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Subject: [Amel Yacht Owners] Insurance
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Date: Friday, June 27, 2014, 10:17 AM


Hello Gang,
I will become a member of the Amel fraternity on
July 10th!  I need insurance.
Looking through the site, I found lots of
"insurance" information but all the posts are
truncated... I cannot get to the
The boat is French flagged and will remain so.
Can you help?

Eleuthera, SM 007 :-)

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