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Olivier Beaute

Hi Paul,
it takes about one day for two people:
-ease the whole rigging
-disconnect the genoa furler electric cables
-attach the genoa halyard to the top of the foil (several half-hitches and tape) and hoist to the top
-fully open the turn-buckle and remove it(don't drop it!)
-bring the forestay, foil and furler outside the guardrail, on one side
-ease the genoa halyard and lay the foil/forestay/furler on the ground/dock
-take the forestay our of the foil, clean and put new grease
-put the whole assembly back in place
As this is quite a dirty job, before taking out the forestay from the foil, use a plastic film to protect the dock/ground.
All the best

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What procedures are required to grease the inside of the foil?
Paul LaFrance

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Hi Jamie,

the AMEL foils are made of one piece and there aren't any nylon bearings Inside (compared to most other manufacturer's foils). The grease put originally Inside the foil is supposed to ease the friction of the foil onto the forestay. It is advisable to replace the grease after 5 years or even earlier if you sail a intensively.


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