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Any success?  If not, I am sure that the port administrator knows who the owner is,   but he/she probably does not work weekends.

Stephanie DiBelardino

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Let`s not miss the point: Regardless the choice of words, someone took the time to  write just to help a strange.

If it was my boat,I would be very grateful.

So, thank you for the info.


Amel 54

2014-06-28 17:05 GMT-03:00 rossny@... [amelyachtowners] <amelyachtowners@...>:

Amel owners

I know all the Amel owners talk to each other in there clicky world but here in Porto touristico di Rome marina ( Ostia, Rome ) there is a Amel 54 fairly new yacht S/Y Elise from La Rochelle it has a Alarmgoing 24 hrs a day if any one knows the owner can you let them know as marina staff won't do a thing about it , i am 5 berths down and can here it all night above the music of the marina bars 

Any  clicky people know how to contact the owner? 

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