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Hi Wolfgang

Something like this once happened while Atica was on the hard (and I was 5200 miles away!). Of course the usual suspects were all checked, but no avail.

It turned out it was an alarm that sounded from the bow-thruster area: a high pitch beep, not too loud, every 5 seconds or so.

I was reported it was somehow related to "low-battery”, since the boat had been  unplugged from shore power. As soon as the plug was reconnected, it stopped.

Good luck



Amel 54

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Good morning,
Thank you very much for the message, Alarm is running on my boat. I just returned to germany and can't imagine what kind of alarm is working. Saltwaterinlet is closed, everything is shut down. May be there is a dysfunction of the CO or Fire-alarm.
How does the Alarm sound ? Long beep , or short ? Loudness ?
Thank you for your help Wolfgang Weber webercardio@...

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