Re: [Amel Yacht Owners] Re: Forestay Grease

Olivier Beaute

Good morning Judy and Ian,
I can imagine you had wonderful sailing journeys since we last met (!).
A good grease for the genoa foil is silicone grease, because it's thick and sticky (though melting at warm temperatures, leaving grease flowing on the forestay chain-plat, as you probably all experienced).
This grease is also good for the turn-buckles'threads, when you tighten them.
By the way, Craig is right saying that you should take down the electric furler from the foil, before droping the foil/forestay assembly, because of the weight, but also because of a plastic sleeve/bearing, located around the forestay, at the bottom, between the foil and the motor. This plastic sleeve will prevent you from pulling the forestay out of the foil (the bottom swage will knock on the sleeve).
This plastic sleeve is a cylinder made of two halves in order one can easily install and remove it.
All the best.

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