Furler stuck

Patrick McAneny

We put our genoa on last night and the furler turned only two revolutions and stopped. I pulled up the pin to roll it in by hand and could only turn it a bit more and no further. It was very difficult to unroll it the 4 or 5 revolutions so we could drop the sail. While pulling the sail up I thought I felt the furler drop  a little , I looked and the rivets looked fine so I thought nothing more of it. The drum and furler should be separate from the metal plate under it when the pin is in the up position. Does the furler ride on a bearing that may be bad ? The further I turned it ,it got harder to turn until I could turn it no further , about 4 revolutions. After I got it unrolled and removed the sail , I was later able to turn it a few revolutions with the motor and then it got slow and stopped and only the solenoid would click but the motor would not turn. Does anyone have any idea as to what the source of the friction would be or why the fuler will not turn , with the pin up ?

                                                                                         Thanks ,

                                                                                         Pat SM Shenanigans

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