Re: [Amel Yacht Owners] Borel exhaust temp monitors.

Patrick McAneny

Pita, I ordered two separate exhaust and one high water sensors two weeks ago. While they only mention 12v. on their website they are available in 24v. I have installed the sensor and ran the wires up where the control cables exit the engine compartment. Yesterday I bought a 2" hole saw and  will install the alarm above the 24v. panel , getting my power there.  Pat

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Hello Gang,

As much as I tried to review the posts on the above subject, as much as "loading" was displayed, YAHOO delivered a ... nothing.

If ever we can make a move to somewhere else might be a good thought... rant over!

How are these Borel exhaust temp sensors wired?  Being 12 volt units, do you just connect to the small alternator on the engine and Onan?  Did you buy the 2 engine unit and connect Onan to one and engine to other or did you buy 2 different single engine units?

For the bilge pump time run alarm, where did you source the 24 volt feed?

I know the answers are already in the Yahoo site but I cannot see the entire emails re the thread.


Thank you for the tolerance!

Jean-Pierre Germain
SY Eleuthera SM 53 007!

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