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Eric Lindholm <etlindholm@...>

Hello all. I am the new owner of a 1982 maramu, hull number 150 I think. I did not get any factory manuals, or any information with or about the boat when I got it. I have gone through the vessel from bow to stern to try to learn all of its secrets, but I have a few(for now) basic questions.

Is there a factory manual, and if so how to get one. If I can't get it from the factory, I would reimburse any other owner the cost to copy theirs and ship it to me.

The function of two of the 12 volt breakers, #5 and #8 counting down from the top of the panel. #5 has some type of figure with a green light next to it. #8 is simply blank, and I thought it might just be an extra, but it is wired to something. I turned them both on and off, but could not make anything light up, pump, or make any other noise.

Transmission type. The heat exchanger of sorts is rotted out and needs replacement. From the design it would appear that this is a common problem.I need to either buy a few, or have them fabricated out of something more durable, ie copper or brass. I have no idea of who supplies the transmission. The engine is a perkins 4-154.

The rig tuning specifications, if they are available.

My boat does not have a generator, and I was considering installing a small one. Has anyone done this, if so recomended type and area of installation. I am thinking of something in the 4kw range installed in the engine room compartment if possible.

Thank you all. After crawling all through this boat, I can't tell you how impressed I am with its design and construction. Sales pamphlets are one way to get info, but getting down on your hands and knees really makes you appreciate things.

Eric Lindholm, "MARAMU"

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