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Hello, G'day, Buongiorno

About 2 years ago, as I was negotiating the purchase of a beautiful
Swedish yacht made by a now closed down boat yard called Vindo, I
read an article about Les Chantiers Amel, which amung other things,
reviewed the SM2000. Being a designer (and sailor, of course), I was
fascinated by the innovative approach of many solutions adopted in
this boat, so I made a concerted effort to see one "in the flesh". I
was driven by pure curiosity, of course, as this boat was well out of
range for me then (and still is). Incidentally, there was one being
exhibited at a boat show in Venice (Italy), which is where I live, so
I rushed off and succeeded in my quest. It really was as magnificent
as it appeared in print. In particular, I found it's hull
proportions and everything above the water to be exactly what I have
always idealized in a boat that size.

My Vindo negotiation was immediately put on standby as I investigated
this new "french" alternative, finding that Euros and Kirk although
evidently a different breed to SM2000, shared those lines and similar
proportions which I found so attractive in SM. Needless to say, KIRK
and Euros are much closer to my target in terms of size and price
too, and have the centre, sheltered cockpit, which is high on my
priority list.

I've been searching around Europe on what is available, at what
price, and after having "touched" about 6 craft and seen dozens in
various ads and classifieds, I have some very general questions.
There is unfortunately very little Amel information available,
compared with what other boat builders in similar categories offer on
past models, which is quite strange when compared to the resources
availble on web alone for boats such as Moody, Wauquiez etc.

Firstly, are there any general factors which are typical of Euros and
Kirk which one should be warned of (both positive and negative, that
is), such as structural, behaviour under sail and/or motor, rigging,
etc? On this forum there is a lot of info relating to Maramu, but
much less on Euros and Kirk. Maybe some current Maramu owners are ex
Kirk and Euros owners...?!?

Second, any information, advice, photos or other media which can help
me understand the boat which I may be about to purchase?

Third and last, how do these boats perform in light breeze...our
north Adriatic can kick up some serious gale force "Bora"....but most
of the time the wind plays hard to get.

I understand these questions are very broad (and may be considered
vague by some) compared with the detail which I have been seeing in
messages belonging to this forum, but it's a starting point ....then
we'll worry about the details!!!

Buon Vento (fair winds)
Mario etchuuuu

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