Engine Mounts for SM with Yanmar 110...new info from Amel


I just heard back from Amel about the engine mounts for my SM with Yanmar 4JH4HTE 110HP.  They say that the Vetus Mitseun  hydro damper mounts (these were the ones originally on my boat for the 78HP Volvo) are not appropriate for my engine.  They have quoted 168 Euros each without taxes or shipping, but didn't tell me what mounts they recommend.  I've asked which mounts to use, but it will probably be another few weeks before I hear back from them again.  I thought I should post this because others are asking which mounts to use and the Vetus Mitseuns are the only ones that have been discussed.

I'll report back as soon as I learn which ones are recommended.

Brunswick, GA, USA

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