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The same thing happened to us in Panama. We were on a mooring at the yacht club next to the channel going into the locks. We were down below and I thought a ship had hit us. Turns out, a big ketch got caught in the 3 knot current and smashed into us. It also bent the furler around as its attached to the pulpit by the 2 lines. The entire pulpit had to be replaced. There was no other damage but it sure looked bad. It wasn't easy getting a new pulpit built and we were lucky that the fellow that hit us told the welding shop to just get it done and he would pay for it. All new wiring and lights. They couldn't match the Amel metric tubing so we went with the next size. I agree with Joel. Get a good surveyor if possible. If not, I think you will be alright. Like the old watch add used to say, Amels take a licking, and keep on ticking...John ex SM 248

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Date: Sun, 6 Jul 2014 09:41:17 -0700
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Dear Amel Owners,

This morning 9.30 was hit by another boat:
Felt like a pretty violent impact.
Bow Pulpit bent
Port navigation light (possibly electric wire cut in the stanchion or just broken bulb)
My main concern is possible damages to the connection of the forestay and electric unfurling/furling motor (which was bent 40 degree).

I posted some pictures on:

Owner was very sorry and came back to apologize, very nice person.

First time for me to have a boating accident.
Have no idea how to handle this, what to look for.
Would hate to miss a damage then later have problems.
So any advice is welcome!

This is actually the 3rd time in 5 week that a boat hit me at this marina.

On the bright side, yesterday installed new Dolphin 40 Amp Battery Charger and new Engine room Blower, both work perfectly!

Thanks in advance for your help...

Sincerely Alexandre

Bay Street Marina, Nassau, New Providence, The Bahamas

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