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achimschroeder2005 <Achimschro@...>

Firstly, are there any general factors which are typical of Euros
and Kirk which one should be warned of (both positive and negative,
is), such as structural, behaviour under sail and/or motor,
etc? On this forum there is a lot of info relating to Maramu, but
much less on Euros and Kirk. Maybe some current Maramu owners are
Kirk and Euros owners...?!?

Second, any information, advice, photos or other media which can
me understand the boat which I may be about to purchase?

Third and last, how do these boats perform in light breeze...our
north Adriatic can kick up some serious gale force "Bora"....but
of the time the wind plays hard to get.

I understand these questions are very broad (and may be considered
vague by some) compared with the detail which I have been seeing in
messages belonging to this forum, but it's a starting
point ....then
we'll worry about the details!!!

Buon Vento (fair winds)
Mario etchuuuu
Hello Mario,

a short while ago I put some pictures of my Kirk # 81 in the photo
section. Already seen those ?

I own my Kirk now for three years and a good friend of mine own a
Kirk now for 20 years. So there is some experience with the boat

Behaviour of a Kirk in light winds: Light downwind courses need a
spinaker or so upwind courses are no problem. The boat is best in
higher winds and also upwind. The boat ist relatively fast whem
compared on Yardstick. We do win club races quite frequently.

For more specific I suggest that you mail me direct. We have a lot of
photos and some drawings. Also there is plenty of information
regarding renovating a old boat.

If you are planning on using the aft cabin. It is possible for one
person but for the persons too small.

Regards from Hamburg, Germany

Achim Schröder

If you need more dtailed information please mail direct.

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