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I seem to remember reading somewhere that these are an option





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Thanks for that. I don't have any side or stern lights?







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Hi the steaming light is a single lamp 2/3's of the way up the face of the mast. There are no individual side lights. Your standard nav light are designed to show 0-210 deg there is a single stern light.  Normally there are two sets of nav lights one on top of the mast one on the forward and aft rails. 


Capt Richard Piller

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I recently purchased a Super Maramu and was planning a sail from Mainland Spain over to Morocco. As part of the pre-sail check I switched on the sailing light - no problem. I then switched on what I thought were the 'steaming' lights, expecting to see masthead, side lights and the stern light. I was surprised to learn that there are no side lights or stern light!


I am sure the collision regs require a power driven vessel of 16m to have side lights and a stern light........ can anyone help me out here please?


PS - we made it to Morocco and back but went in daylight!





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