New aft cabin hatch

John and Anne on Bali Hai <hollamby@...>

Hello All,
We found the ventilation in the aft cabin very poor even with the aft
hatch wide open.So we bought a Vetus hatch and had it installed by a
freelance shipwright here in Malta.
He made up a teak mounting to go on the deck to provide a flat mount.
He sealed the balsa between the two layers of GRP with resin and then
cut a strip of white plastic and fixed that to the resin with contact
glue and made up mahogany frame to cover the underside in the cabin.
He had prefinished the mahogany with four coats of varnish.
The total cost was about £500stlg.
The opening is on the port side for two reasons. It is directly behind
the opening part of the windscreen and as we altered the aft cabin to
make a doublebunk across the boat with the pillow end on the starboard
side we did not want the draught or rain to disturb us.
The result is a huge improvement and we rarely open the aft hatch any
We have added two pics at the end of the album SM319 in the photos
section of this site. (Nos 25 and 26).

Best wishes, Anne and John SM 319

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