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Many thanks for this suggestion – I would hope the batteries are ok as they are only 18 months old, however I think it is worth checking and in any case it seems like a useful tool to add to the chest.


We are hoping to leave for the Balearics at the start of August, we have a mechanical solution for lifting the bow-thruster for now.


Hopefully not too many more problems before we leave!





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Sometimes, when it rains it pours!


Just a suggestion, when was the last time you had your batteries checked. 


I believe that high-amp contacts like solenoids will burn themselves up with low power. Low power may have been a cause of your bow thruster problem. I think you should load test the batteries. I prefer a digital load tester. If you do not have one, you might consider one like this one: 

( will pay for itself many times over the first time you need one. Many battery suppliers will use a digital tester with a printout. Most of the time they will do this service free, counting on you buying batteries from them.


Be sure that the battery terminals are completely disconnected when testing a battery, and that the tester's alligator clip has made good contact. Disconnect 1 pair of batteries at a time and test each of the pair separately. 



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I seem to be having the full Amel malfunction experience this month - one of our Furling solenoids has just failed - I would like to have said I read this post in advance and had a spare solenoid switch in a locker but alas not! Nevertheless this post is very helpful and I now have 3 solenoid switches on order from the Toolbox shop.


Many thanks Forum


Andrew & Kate




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