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It is a Santorin from the subject line of his earlier post about pink spots on the deck.

From the subject line of this email, I assume that he has a Raymarine Autohelm.

From the body of this email, I assume he was talking about the electromagnetic clutch inside a Raymarine drive unit. 

These clutches will wear out with around 3,000 to 5,000 hours. They will fail sooner than later if you put 24VDC to them. 

Raymarine does not make a drive with a 24VDC clutch. All Raymarine drives, even the 24VDC drives have a 12VDC clutch. I have seen experts make this mistake, and I made this mistake. There is either a switch or a movable spade-fuse on the Raymarine Course Computer to select 12 or 24VDC for the clutch. If you have any Raymarine drive, always select 12VDC for the clutch.

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Santorin, Original Autopilot - ST6000?

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