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Hi Dennis,
thanks a lot for your kind answer. It was the only one I received so I have to extract as maximum info as possible from your e-mail.
  -  On my tank, according to a drowing that I received 18 years ago from Mr. Selo, there is no inspection cover.
  -  To remove the tank first I have to remove both plank, on top and bottom of the front. How to remove them?
     Are they laminated to the bulkheads ? They seams to be.
  -  If you couldn´t reach the salon I suspect that you suspended the tank in the passage from the salon to the
     aft berths . Is this correct ?  If I am correct, do you think that I can lift the tank in the passage in order to cover
     completly all the surfaces with 1/8" of Epoxy GRP  after an opportune surfaces preparetion ?
      Of course I would prefere to lift the tank in the salon removing the companion ladder and, once arrived in   
      contact with the main table , lift the tank over it .
Joel, who is quite sure reading these lines, could also give his appreciated opinion.
Sorry for my english.
Gabriele Antolini
S/V Sunny Side
Maramu #219 (02/87)
At the moment on Todomar Yard , Cartagena Col.


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Date: Wednesday, 9 July, 2014, 17:20

Hello Gabriele,
Sorry no one has replied to your call for help.  There seems to be lots of help for SM's out there but not so much for Maramus.
We had a leak in our fuel tank and I thought it was corrosion as well until I thoroughly inspected the entire tank and determined      that  it was only that the inspection cover needed tightening -LUCKY ME!
 We were in the Galapagos Islands and so help was going to be a problem if the tank was leaking from corrosion.

During the inspection, I was able to completely lift the tank and inspect all sides/corners while it was in the companionway.
Once it's in the companionway, you have to use the aft berth hatch to ingress/egress and inspect the aft portion of the tank.     
My first thought was to try to remove it into the salon, but if that can even be done, the nav station would have to be dismantled.
 If you can get the tank suspended, so that a thorough inspection can be made, then perhaps a stainless steel expert can give it
a look and make a recommendation.

 Unfortunately, I've heard that these tanks must be cut up to remove and replace.
Good Luck!
Dennis Johns
s/v Libertad
Maramu #121
Galaxidi,  Greece

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