Re: Outhaul


I have replaced the outhaul several times over the past two years
cruising, as I experimented with different brands and thicknesses of
Kevlar line. I have discovered that 1) I can't splice worth a damn. I
have replaced Amel's pretty spliced outhaul ends with bowlines. 2) All
of brands of line that I tried – some worse than others, had a waxy
finish on the outside of the line. This is not particularly useful on a
friction drive but it did oxidise off after a couple of weeks exposure
to the elements. 3) To tighten the line, tap the outhaul power control
in the "in" direction without touching the furler control. If there is
slack in the outhaul, you can now remove it by tightening the lashing.
I found it was necessary to do this daily for a few days and then
possibly repeat after a week.

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