Photos, cockpit seat and table

John and Anne Hollamby <hollamby@...>

Hi Eric,
Sorry to have been so long in replying. We do not have an espar or other
heater so I can not help with that.
I have just posted pics of a hatch in the aft cabin top in the SM 319 album
which now has some 26 pics of changes I have made.
One of the best was scrapping the helmsmans chair and putting in a seat
which is on a swivelling but lockable base which also
has gas filled struts to move the seat up and down and in and out. The
actual pedestal can be accessed from New Zealand. I have never seen
any other one with these qualities. This did away with the Amel table but I
got a Swedish mount available by mail order which comes in four parts.
there is a mounting plate which is fixed to the side of the locker astride
the reinforcing web. Then there is a vertical section which slides onto the
and a horizontal section which fits onto the vertical section and another
plate which I screwed onto one part of the Amel table, removing the second
andthe hinge. This second part is used when we are more than four for
dinner etc. The table swivels and is lockable in any horizontal position
and of course the height is also variable. I also fitted three teak grab
handles on the underside of the fixed hardtop.
Since then I find that at least 90% of the time the seat is not facing
forward but turned inwards to join in with people in the cockpit. An
additional bonus is that the chair can be lifted off easily to make it
possible to access the big cockpit locker, (which is where the table top
lives most of the time). It is also smaller, comfortable
and, I think, more attractive than the original.

Have a good Christmas, John SM 319

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