Re: Furler stuck

Kent Robertson

I have removed my genoa furler for powder coating.  I'm trying to get it apart for servicing and prep for painting, but I can't get the upper hand furling part off.  I've read the recent posts on this subject.  I've removed the three bolts but it won't budge.  I took it to a machine shop and he tried after soaking in a penetrating solution without success, but was using a puller and didn't want to pull too hard.  He hasn't tried an arbor press yet.  There isn't supposed to be anything else holding it on, but there are two stainless? rivet-looking heads at the same level as the bolts, on opposite sides. One of them is directly behind the lift pin for disengaging the furler for use with a line.  I've posted a pic in a new folder named Genoa Furler with a red circle around one of these.  I'm wondering if this is a rivet of some kind, or something else that might be holding the line holder on?  Does anyone know what these are?



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