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Glad you keep the postings on this current. Our Amel was repowered with the 4JH-HTE by the previous owner and it would give me peace of mind knowing if the correct engine mounts were used.


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I'm back about motor mounts for my SM243 with new Yanmar 4JH4HTE 110 HP.  I received an email from Emilie at Amel that said the Vetus HydroDamper mounts are NOT appropriate for the 110 HP Yanmar.  She quoted 168Euros each for mounts that Amel would ship to me.  When I asked what make and model these mounts are, she sent a drawing of the new mounts that looks just like the Vetus mounts, but didnt give me a model number.  She even commented that they appear to be the same as the Vetus hydro Damper mounts.


I've asked for clarification, but haven't received anything back from Amel for a few weeks now.  My Cdrive finally got thru customs and is at the Amel facility now, so hopefully I'll get it back in a month or two and want to be in the water as soon as I can after that.


Olivier or Joel, can you give us any guidance on this?  I am aware that the Cdrive configuration reduces any forward/aft movement to a minimum, but there is still torque that the mounts have to deal with.  I don't want to put stiffer mounts than necessary because I believe that would increase the sound level.


Thanks for any help.




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