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You are onto a new slogan for Amel; “Buy a new Amel and reserve your place in heaven”


We like to think of the Puffster as heaven on earth.


Great story. Thanks for sharing


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I want to share our recent experience with you. I truly hope that I do not bore you with this story. 


We were contacted through our website  ( by an Austrian couple who intended to buy a Super Maramu. They asked if they could meet with us for a few days aboard BeBe to find out more about owning an Amel, particularly a Super Maramu. 


After several conversations with them, we felt comfortable about inviting them aboard. We worked out the details for a long weekend aboard BeBe including sharing the costs, etc...we did not do this to earn money. 


I have to tell you that it was an especially rewarding experience for us, them, and the Amel brand. 


We gave them electronic copies of all our files and photos. We shared all of our Amel experiences. They took hundreds of photos, and made copious notes. We sailed, we motored, we set the "secret sail" (mizzen balloner), and we set the pole system. We had some marvelous meals aboard prepared by Judy and we shared some California Cabernet. They have been totally converted to the Amel brand and they now have a contract on a Super Maramu. 


If you are like me and love the Amel brand, this might be something to consider if you happen to be asked as we were. And just think, if 10% of us did the same thing resulting in a sale of an Amel, there would be a shortage of Amels. I think that would be very good for all Amel lovers. 


I believe there is a special place in heaven for Amel lovers where everyday we will take delivery of a new Amel; and, each day we will set sail with the Captain. 

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