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I believe the model you want is 98129 . The one you note below is model 981230, and its
range of conductivity is in miliSiemens. Dessalator says the system should shut down at
1,000 microSiemens and will run normally in the 300-400 microSiemens range, so I think
the one we want is the one calibrated in microSiemens.

I mis-spoke in my last post regarding the filter I put in place. I purchased the parts from
West Marine as follows: SKU 1196377 Shurflo carbon block filter $36.99, SKU 1234251
Shurflo mounting bracket kit $12.99, SKU 1194166 Shurflo Filter Housing $47.99. The
only other thing I needed was some hose barb fittings, stainless worm clamps, and the
1/2 ID hose.

Regards, Gary s/v Liahona
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Is this the meter you are using?


Fair Winds,
Amel Super Maramu #376 Kimberlite

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