Re: Santorin Balooner


I'm a sailmaker who up until recently owned a Maramu and has experience with the original balooners.  Some of the furlers like the one on the Super Maramu allow you to fly the balooner from the second groove and furl the sails together. However if you don't have that style furler, then it's not as practical since you will have lower the sail and stow it. 
Given available hardware and technology, I would be much more inclined to build a set of balooners with a common luff and fly them from a foil-less furler with the genoa rolled up. Or build a single sail that can be flown in conjunction with the genoa, but on a foil-less furler. Some people call the foil-less furlers "code zero furlers". 
I do not recommend following the well intentioned advice of those suggesting to just measure the genoa. The boat is old enough that the genoa is probably not original. Many sailmakers don't understand Amel and the genoas they build simply aren't right for the boat. Which ever sailmaker you choose to work with should be someone familiar with Amel. 

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