Re: Santorin Balooner

Craig Briggs

My Santorin, #68 from 1992, does indeed have the same upper swivel as the SM, with 3 slots in the furling extrusion; one for the genoa, one for the ballooner and one for the "mouse" to unlatch the ballooner. Of many Santorin's we've sailed with over the years, all had this arrangement. What hull number did you have that did not have this system? Sounds really oddball to try to raise two head sails at the same time.
SN#68 Sangaris, Genoa, Italy.
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The Santorin as far as I'm aware was not fitted with the the super maramu top furler fittings, as standard, but with a second tie of point, above the second foil groove. I've flown the Balloner on the Santorin  using two different methods. The first for long down wind passages, is to bring down the genoa and tie of the Balloner to the top furler fitting and host the two sails together, in this way both sails can be furled in together. On short runs, the balloner can be hoisted seperately,  once the genoa is fully out. Both systems require practice, but with the second method I would not recommend it for a crew of two.  I have to say that its a fantastic addition to the sail kit of an Amel. 
Regards Joe

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