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That's my understanding, Pat. The original sails were shot and discarded when I bought the boat, so I never saw them.  I also have a 110 with a high cut clew that is great for anything 15-25kts that I use most of the time in the Carib winter.  The 145 would be significantly better for anything less than 10kts and I think would be fine for up to ~18 with a few feet furled up and/or sailing jib and jigger.
I would get the 145 and a smaller sail for heavier winds.
SM 243

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Kent, I was thinking about going with a 135, thinking it would be better for heavier conditions in the Caribbean. But I think I will go with a 145, if that is what is the original size. My sailmaker points out that a 145 on our boat would not be nearly the same sq. footage as a 145 on a 53 ft. sloop , thus when reefed in should be able to handle pretty strong conditions , especially if off the wind. Can you confirm that the boat came with a 145 standard ? Thanks , Pat

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I had a 135% genoa made for Kristy, and wish I'd bought a 145 for light air.

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I need to order a new genoa. Could someone confirm the original size on a SM is a 145. Thanks Pat SM123

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