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Danny and Yvonne SIMMS

Hi Pat,
The Amel spec in the brochure for the Super maramu has the following sail areas. Genoa 71 sq m, main 35 sq m, mizzen 19 sq m, Mizzen ballooner 35 sq m, Ballooner 68 sq m. The ballooner and the Genoa/jib have the same foot length but the ballooner has a different (higher) cut clew to tack, hence the slightly smaller area. The purpose is that they are balanced for the down wind twin pole system. If one is larger than the other you are unbalanced. Many sail makers have the standard sail plan available to work from.
The genoa does roll successfully for use in stronger winds. (with accordingly forward movement of the jib car)

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That's my understanding, Pat. The original sails were shot and discarded when I bought the boat, so I never saw them.  I also have a 110 with a high cut clew that is great for anything 15-25kts that I use most of the time in the Carib winter.  The 145 would be significantly better for anything less than 10kts and I think would be fine for up to ~18 with a few feet furled up and/or sailing jib and jigger.
I would get the 145 and a smaller sail for heavier winds.
SM 243

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Kent, I was thinking about going with a 135, thinking it would be better for heavier conditions in the Caribbean. But I think I will go with a 145, if that is what is the original size. My sailmaker points out that a 145 on our boat would not be nearly the same sq. footage as a 145 on a 53 ft. sloop , thus when reefed in should be able to handle pretty strong conditions , especially if off the wind. Can you confirm that the boat came with a 145 standard ? Thanks , Pat

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I had a 135% genoa made for Kristy, and wish I'd bought a 145 for light air.

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I need to order a new genoa. Could someone confirm the original size on a SM is a 145. Thanks Pat SM123

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