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Mark Pitt

Hi all:

There are in-line TDS meters that attach to the water line
with John Guest quick connectors. The sensor connects to a small
LCD display. They run on batteries, one model on button cell
batteries and the other on 2 AAA. Battery life is 1000 hours.
The meters cost less than $50. I found them at
and at
and a few other places on the web. They seem to be
all of the same manufacture. I am not sure how they
might fare in the marine environment, but for $50
and no installation hassles, they might be worth a try.

Mark Pitt ASM #419 Sabbatical III

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My thought was to add a sensor and monitor the water output on a
basis from the water maker panel. What do you think? I have to take
a closer
look at the wiring/plumbing diagram of the watermaker to figure out
what to

I just heard from my friend who has an amel a year older than mine and
pickles his watermaker fro the southern hurricane season and when
away from
the boat. He has had no problems with his unit and it is now 4 years
They are big time live aboards.

I think the thing they dragged across sea cow bay last time to
dredge it was
Kimberlite. We dragged and got stuck so many times I gave up.
Keep me posted Fair Winds,
Amel Super Maramu #376 Kimberlite

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11 Dec 2005
I was thinking of just paralleling the spare sensor with the two
wires that
go to the current
sensor and interposing a double pole double throw switch so that I could
place the
"testing"" sensor into a small container of sea water, throw the
switch and
see if it shuts
the system down. I am wondering if the two minute timer works on
both ends
of the cycle
so that a momentary bump or hysteresis in the EC (electrical
would not trip
the system off line. I would plan on testing this theory next time I am
aboard towards the
end of Jan 2006.

Sea Cow Bay is indeed shallow. We wait for high tide, try to enter with
empty water tanks
and place the crew in the dinghy before running that final channel area.
They have not
dredged the channel but they dragged something back and forth thru
it and I
believe it is
somewhat deeper as we didn't run aground the last two times in
there. Once,
two years
ago we ran so firmly aground that we had to kedge off. Once in the
portion of the
marina there is plenty of water. Jim is surely a nice person and
knowledgable about
Amels, so it is comforting to leave the boat with him. And the price is
half of what it is in
Nanny Cay.

Regards, Gary

How do you plan to add a second water sensor? Will you hook this
into some
kind of alarm? I was in sea cow bay last year and found the
entrance too
shallow for me. Have they dredged the channel?
Please say hi to Jim woods for me.

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