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Hi Malcolm,
If you have the standard RM69 without locking handle, then this is not an uncommon problem. It may be the same on a locking handle model but I am not familiar with the sizes. If the shaft surface is in reasonable condition you can just replace the lipseal on the top of the pump assy. The original size is 10x19x7 but I use 10x19x6 which are more easily avaiable in the UK. If I cannot get seals with stainless springs then I remove the spring and replace it with an approriately sized nitrile O ring which acts as a spring and will not corrode.

From memory the size of the  O ring on the pump piston is 49x5.3x37.5 from but I keep both this size and 49x6 on hand as this larger size will take up a some wear if needed.
I have found these two items to be the most common to require replacement and as so little from a  non-marine supplier you can keep a bag full in stock!

RM are distributed by a number of companies and so spares should be available.
Plastimo do still list the toilet. Their part number for the standard unit is 403060 and the lockinghandle unit is 403089, unfortunately I do not have the part numbers for the spares kit but at least this may lead you to a spares kit.

Sharki 181 Zephyr

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Subject: [Amel Yacht Owners] Leaking toilet pumps

I got a problem with the toilet pumps leaking when in the flushing position. As you pump the plunger water comes out from around the shaft. I have not tried to take it to bits just yet. The label has come off but I don't think it's Jabsco it looks like NZ or LK?
If anyone could offer any advice I would really appreciate it.
SM 117

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