Hello Gianni,

We highly recommend the Sail Indonesia Rally ( -which we did in 2013).  It's not terribly expensive and you certainly get your money's worth with all the entertainment, free dinners, and help with organizing tours (most tours cost a nominal extra fee).  Without this organization, the thousands of islands can be a bit overwhelming.

Bali is one of their stops (north side which is less touristy) and with 30-40 boats of the rally in Lovina Bay, you can feel pretty secure about leaving it for a day or two but as Benhan suggested, you want to check the forecast before going.  Some of the anchorages were either very deep or badly exposed to swell, so you just pick the ones you want to join the group in and go off and find another anchorage nearby if you don't like the one the rally chose.

The route also takes you near the entrance to the Kumai River on Kalimatan where entering is best done at high tide and early in the day, as the trip up the river is a bit long and you can have a 1-2 knot current at times.  And yes, you have to anchor in the river and hire a tour boat to take you up to the orangutan preserve.  The tour boats carry six or more people, so it's cheaper and more fun if you go with a group you know.

FYI carry lots of fuel as no one really sails Indonesia, plan to MOTOR Indonesia.

Dennis Johns
sv Libertad
Maramu #121
Dubrovnik, Croatia



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